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Let’s talk about two relatively simple decorating elements that can take a room from Blah to Aw-w-w!

Pillows!  Pillows!  Pillows! Who would think such a small element could change a room so much?  Adding or changing pillows can transform the entire mood of a space.  Add a splash of color or even a touch of bling with crystals, beading, bells, and fringe.  Pillows are also a great way to add a fresh look as the seasons change. Personally, I love pillows and have them on every bed and sofa in my home. Even if you lean toward ready-made pillows, think of fun ways to transform them for a custom look. Here are some examples of how you can make the switch!



Along with pillows, throws can have the same dramatic effect.  A purposely placed throw or two will feather your nest by adding coziness and warmth.  Fabulous in cashmere, lamb’s wool, faux fur, fleece or hand crocheted by your favorite auntie!  Throws serve the dual purpose of adding a decorative flair and keeping you comfortable on a chilly evening.

Throw a throw today!